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High Speed Hosting:

Action Digital hosting solutions provide the maximum protection for your web site and email services. Each server features a 2.8Mhz processor, running multiple redundant high speed hard drives. Furthermore, all servers run 2 gigabytes of DDR ram. Each server is connected to the internet via multiple T1 lines, providing extremely fast data access. This means your site can be accessed by many visitors at the same time with no difficulty. It also makes dynamic (or database-driven) sites easily available. With hosting rates starting at $25 per month and no long-term contracts required, we have the hosting solution you've been looking for.

Security For Your Site-Peace Of Mind For You:

Each server hard drive is protected by a RAID system, consisting of multiple redundant backup drives. This means that if a hard drive ever crashes, the back up drive immediately takes the place of the failed drive, maintaining all your valuable data and keeping it intact. No data is lost, and no down time is experienced. Furthermore, all data on the server is backed up to a third removable disk once a week, allowing archived versions of data, that go back several weeks. Each server runs Corporate Edition Antivirus Software to protect the servers from virus. This software is updated daily, and a full system scan is conducted everyday as well.

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